We are extremely thankful for the time and effort put forth by our contributors who composed “Expert Insights” or “Sidebars” for the book, namely: Cheryl Bayer & Jamie Dixon, Debra Blanchard Knight, Lydia Bottegoni, Kevin Breen, Kevin Burke & Chris Wyatt, John Cohen, Danny Dimian, Karen Dufilho, Arthur Evrensel, Susan Hummel, Shin Ishikawa, Jann Moorhead, Lisa O’Brien, Nina Paley, Heitor Pereira, Collette Sunderman, Nora Twomey and Brent Young. We are thrilled with the generous time and commitment that Louise Bagnall, Phil Chalk and Wilson Tang gave in order to create their detailed “Case/Process Studies.” We would like to express our deep gratitude to Melissa Cobb for inspiring us to slay a dragon. Her unique experience stemming from being a former Director of Development, Senior VP of Production on features and television, a producer, a CCO and Head of Studio in China, and currently Vice President of Original Animation at Netflix places her at the epicenter of our industry, and therefore the perfect person to write the Foreword. Another round of artistic applause goes to Wilbert Plijnaar for crafting what we consider the perfect design for the cover of our newest edition. 

We extend a heartfelt thanks to our reviewers, who played a very significant part in shaping this book: Samila Ardalan, Robert H. Bagley, Theresa Bentz, Craig Berkey, Jeff Bradfield, Lisa Dennis, Steve Goldberg, Marcia Jones, Lori Korngiebel, Melissa Kurtz, Dejda Mishkovsky, David Okey, Aaron Perry, Lisa M. Poole, and Donna Smith. An extra special shout out goes to Michael Heard who was instrumental in guiding us in the writing of the distribution section of Chapter 12 – his amazing knowledge is such a great addition to the book.

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